Choosing the Right Toothbrush

I was recently walking down the aisle of the grocery store and I came accross all of the different types of Toothbrushes out there.  There was a veritable cornucopia of different toothbrushes that also varied from $1 to $15 dollar kids electric toothbrushes. This does not include all of the Electric toothbrushes with sonicare or water picks and things of… More →

Types of Dental Implant Services

There are generally two kinds of implants; the kind that go in the bone, and implants placed on the bone. The first type is used most often; and the tools needed for performing it are screws, blades, or cylinders. These tools are used to help implant the artificial roots into the jawbone. Local anesthesia, better known as sedation dentistry, is… More →

What Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty Surgery Rhinoplasty (aka “nose job” or nasal or nose plastic surgery) is a cosmetic surgical method used to improve the appearance or function of somebody’s nose. This technique has been around for a long time, being first developed by the ancient Indian, Sushruta (the “father of surgery”) circa 500 BC. Over 2000 years later, his technique of forehead flap… More →

Gastric Bypass Problems

All surgeries come with risks. Some procedures have more risks than others. With gastric bypass surgery the risks are not just with the surgery but also with the lifestyle after the surgery. For a successful surgical outcome, it is critical that you understand and follow the post-operative advice you receive from your surgeon, in relation to the quantity and types… More →

Is Phenibut Safe?

When it comes to nootropic substances, Phenibut is considered to be an uncommon medication. Most nootropics available in the market boost mental energy to enhance your memory and concentration. For a lot of people, this proves to be effective. However, there are still many people who ask a common question. Is Phenibut safe? In some people, this medication can cause… More →

5 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Trends

Traditional dentistry concentrates on oral hygiene and preventing, diagnosing or treating oral diseases, cosmetic dentistry concentrates on a person’s appearance like their teeth, mouth and smile. A cosmetic dentist provides people with optional treatments instead of necessary treatment like a general or family dentist. Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits Cosmetic dentistry can offer medicinal benefits, such as dental fillings that can be… More →

All You Need To Know About Phenibut

Phenibut is a nervous system depressant discovered in the Soviet Union in the 60’s. Since then, there have been numerous improvements in constitution, which enhances its potential to perform intended functions. Currently, it is legal in the United States and Europe, but is not approved as a pharmaceutical option. In Russia, the supplement is used for psychotropic functions. How it… More →

Tips To Help With Gout

Gout is a very painful disease that can happen to any person. This is the result of uric acid that forms painful crystals that like to persist right at a person’s joints. As anyone can imagine, anything a person moves, these crystals will cause an immense amount of pain. There is always a lot of redness and swelling that will… More →

A Brief Overview Of Herpes

The herpes virus is estimated to infect over 15 percent of the population. While this may not indicate the virus currently being active in every person, it is a significant number nonetheless. When a person thinks about herpes, they often envision the disease in its worst of forms when it is transmitted through sexual intercourse. However, this is not the… More →