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If you’ve watched the news, listened to the radio, or picked up a magazine or newspaper in the past few months you know that healthcare issues are front and center in the public eye. Today’s concerns range from outbreaks and epidemics to tainted meat products, healthcare insurance to prescription drug costs, and everything between. The goal of this site is provide a centralized location for news, thoughts, and opinions on all of these items. Aside from our team authoring content for the site, we’re going to open our doors for anybody who visits the site to give their two cents.

We are now living in a world with a new breed of hypochondriacs being fueled by sites like WebMD and any other site that will diagnose illnesses that you couldn’t possibly have, online and print media that publishes stories and information based solely on political agendas, and a healthcare system so flawed that many people don’t have access to the care they need at an affordable price.  This has prompted us to work to provide as much information to you as we can without asking anything in return, except that you comment on our stories and help to contribute to the site in any way that you can.

Friendly and compassionate care.

Our Mission: “To provide unparalleled quality health care and services to the community in which we serve.”

This is the commitment Childers Medical Group has made to families and individuals in the Houston area. With a variety of services for most health needs, we have been Houston’s best choice for medical care since 1983.

Family Care provides caring, convenient, cost-efficient quality health services for the entire family in a pleasant, professional atmosphere.

Urgent Care provides treatment for minor medical problems for those who cannot wait or cannot see their regular doctor.

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