All You Need To Know About Phenibut

phenibutPhenibut is a nervous system depressant discovered in the Soviet Union in the 60’s. Since then, there have been numerous improvements in constitution, which enhances its potential to perform intended functions. Currently, it is legal in the United States and Europe, but is not approved as a pharmaceutical option. In Russia, the supplement is used for psychotropic functions.

How it works

Phenibut mimics the action of brain chemicals responsible for the suppression of feelings of fatigue and anxiety. It also has several other functions, which include enhancing confidence levels and making sleep easy to achieve. However, extensive research has applied to animal bodies only, which makes it hard to determine the actual results on a human test subject.

Uses of Phenibut

  • Treatment of irregular heartbeat
  • It enhances memory, retention, and learning and boosts concentration levels.
  • It reduces anxiety and incidences of panic
  • It is also used to deal with problems related to fear, alcoholism, depression, fatigue, lack of sleep, tension, post-traumatic stress disorder and regular stress.

The supplement has come across as reliable in the various areas of application but there is always a need for tangible evidence that it is effective. Most client reviews regarding to its use are positive, with a small number of clients citing incompatibility and heightened feelings of nausea after a long period of use.

Side effects

One of the most regular complaints among regular users of the supplement is that over time, it tends to develop a level of resistance’ such that it is not as effective as at the beginning. Additionally, some users report feelings of nausea at around the time the supplement starts to wear out. Studies have not been carried out on pregnant women or those that are breastfeeding, which makes it hard to know the precise effects. Doctors advise this category of users to avoid the supplement.woman in good mood


Generally, professionals advise patients to stay away from other supplements when using Phenibut because some compounds may suppress its action. Most of the users of this product will mix it with alcohol from time to time, and there exists no reports of fatal interactions at the moment.


Like most other supplements, Phenibut doses will vary from an individual to the next, depending on factors such as age, gender and state of health. Young adults have dose ranges that are more spread than the ones for older people. This scenario can be attributed to the fact that younger people are generally more energetic and confident, meaning that they need a lot less concentrations to hit optimal performance levels. In addition to that, young cells and tissues have a lot of energy in them, which has a positive pull on the level of effectiveness of Phenibut. See here where to buy phenibut online.

Generally, men take more Phenibut than women. It is also more effective in healthy individuals than it is in those with bone and tissue complications.

For most users, once the supplement is taken, it takes 4 or 5 hours to take effect. Again, this statistic is not etched in stone, with variations across the board.