Choosing the Right Toothbrush

dental checkupI was recently walking down the aisle of the grocery store and I came accross all of the different types of Toothbrushes out there.  There was a veritable cornucopia of different toothbrushes that also varied from $1 to $15 dollar kids electric toothbrushes. This does not include all of the Electric toothbrushes with sonicare or water picks and things of that nature. So, which am I supposed to pick, I see some have different angles to get to different places in my mouth, or have soft or hard bristles. There are too many choices, how do I know what is best for me?

  1. Most Dentists and Hygienists recommend going with a smaller head of the brush as it is easier to reach places as well you can opt for a brush that has a distinct angle to help get to the teeth in the back.
  2. There is 3 different types of bristles, Soft, Medium and Hard. Most people say that a Soft bristle toothbrush will work well to get plaque and debris from your teeth. However; if you are a voracious brusher you might want to stay away from Medium or Hard bristles as you might do harm to your teeth enamel, gums or root surface.
  3. A big question- Electric vs Manual.  This is a subject of debate and really comes down to personal preference. There are tons of studies on this, but they all really come out to be about 50/50 with the exception of a “rotation oscillation toothbrush” (these go round and round and back and forth). These have shown a noticeable difference however from a quick glance Google the least expensive is $60 and goes way up over $100.

We at The Woodstock Dentist suggest you find what is most comfortable for you, keep brushing and come visit us to make sure everything is well. Remember, A smile is contagious!