Is Phenibut Safe?

When it comes to nootropic substances, Phenibut is considered to be an uncommon medication. Most nootropics available in the market boost mental energy to enhance your memory and concentration. For a lot of people, this proves to be effective. However, there are still many people who ask a common question. Is Phenibut safe? In some people, this medication can cause a jittery feeling. But this is just a minor medication.

Just like other nootropics in the market, Phenibut improves your cognition, and reduces your levels of tension, anxiety and stress. A lot of Phenibut reviews focus on statements, which claim that users experience feelings of well-being, calm and peace. It’s worth mentioning that Phenibut was developed in Russia. It was derived from GABA, which is a powerful neurotransmitter. It’s considered to be responsible for triggering sleep and anxiety reduction.

Formula of Phenibut

Important Effects of Phenibut

Phenibut’s chemical structure is only a GABA molecule carefully bonded to a phenyl group molecule. According to experts, this is a minor modification, which creates a different version GABA. It’s able to cross your blood brain barrier easily. Without the presence of the phenyl molecule, GABA supplements can’t cross the barriers to influence receptors. This makes GABA supplements quite ineffective. It needs to be synthesized in your brain.

Since Phenibut is able to cross the blood brain barrier so easily, it works where most GABA supplements can’t. As soon as this supplement crosses the blood brain barrier, it readily loses the phenyl group molecule, which converts it to GABA. Then, it’s able to bind properly to GABA receptor sites in the exactly same manner as GABA naturally synthesized in your brain.

Phenibut Safety 1

GABA is extremely important to people suffering from high stress levels and anxiety because it’s thought to be the most important inhibitory neurotransmitter in your central nervous system. According to experts, this particular neurotransmitter is considered to be responsible for turning off neurons whenever they become hyperstimulated or too excited. When you consider a neurochemical angle, when your brain gets excited, the neurons start firing.

When a lot of neurons start firing rapidly at the same time, the result is anxiety and stress. Anxiety disorders considered to be the results of some neurons, which are unable to stop rapidly firing. GABA is considered to be your brain’s way of changing this activity and reducing neural stimulation. This reduces a lot of symptoms of stress and anxiety. As per reviews, this supplement is considered to be quite effective at controlling stress, anxiety and many other symptoms.

So Is Phenibut Safe To Use?

A lot of users consider this supplement to be very effective in reducing your social anxiety, treating anxiety and depression, lowering your inability to interact socially, easing your nervousness and helping you enjoy as well as relax yourself. There are a lot of users who take it multiple times during the day to help them get sleep without experiencing any problems. Moreover, this supplement allows you to sleep for longer periods. Some users also report that this supplement promotes lucid dreaming.

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There are many people who consume Phenibut recreationally like alcohol. In some people, this supplement reacts in the same way like alcohol. Phenibut has a wide range of benefits and effects quite similar to nootropics available in the market. Phenibut can help improve your memory, increase your attention span, increase learning capacity, boost your concentration, sharpen your focus and improve decision making. Even people experiencing some trouble with cognitive abilities or memory find this supplement quite effective.